Late Nights

I hate time. He always snatches your most beloved moments. Or, when you aren't paying attention, he'll steal from you until you suddenly realize that its one in the morning and you haven't done anything with but sit on a comfy chair, staring at a brightened screen and trying to figure out what the next best website to check up on. Last night it was three in the morning, so at least Im on top of time tonight and can keep an eye out for the right time to call it quits.

My sisters are home from school on Christmas break and I feel as if I have hardly spent any time with them. I don't know how I'm supposed to let them leave if I feel like they haven't been here to begin with. The Christmas season is too busy. There is never enough time to truly enjoy it- to sit back and relax.

Late at night I always ask questions that can't be answered by my own knowledge. Tonight is no exception... like... what do they make the pudding mix out of? and what is the best way to keep play-dough from drying out. Stupid pointless questions, but still semi relevant in my mind. I want a few M'nMs. Chocolate is the one thing that women can rely on to always leave them feeling satisfied. Love chocolate.


Poem of the Day:

Red in a White sea
Floating angelically above the waves
Beauty is adversity


Song of the Day:

Suite for Solo Cello #1 in G Major, Bach

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