Welcome Back Jess

sooooo my entire family is joining the blogosphere and I thought that I would re-join the blogger-sphere, since this is the only place my family blogs. new beginnings and new topics!

I have decided to go vegan for an entire month starting tomorrow, August 11th, through September 11th. If I like the change I will make it permanent but for now its just an experiment. I will probably do a lot of experimenting in the next few months with the dietary theories I am learning in my health coaching classes. I will be learning over 100 different theories over the next few months, so at least ONE of them is bound to work for me. ... i hope.

I am exceptionally pale. I think probably the palest in my family. This general lack of melatonin in my skin is the bane of my summer months. In all the years that I have had the extreme pleasure of soothing sunburns and peeling layers of dead skin off my face and shoulder I have never encountered this: the multiple layer peel. Normally it is just one layer of skin peeling for miles (kind of like glue when you've let it dry on your skin... which makes the peeling process kind of fun), but tonight as I was peeling the burn on my forehead (its conveniently near the hair line, slowing whatever peeling I try to do to a crawl as I struggle to get the peels out of my hair) I noticed that the skin underneath the peel was still hard and felt like it did BEFORE the peel. Okay, this has NEVER happened before. So what did I do? Started to peel that. And it came off in thick flakes.

...now I have a giant red raw spot on my forehead. And I am in pain again. NOT a smart move. I need an aloe plant.


Tod and Danielle flew back to Utah today after their week-long vacation here in Maine. I am going to do another post tomorrow to give the happenings of that trip. It was fabulous, lets not lie.

aaaaaaaaaaaaand.... Trader Joe's is coming to Portland this fall. I will be in HEAVEN.


  1. It is now friday and you haven't blogged about danielle and tod's trip! Don't make promises you can't keep! p.s. I love that you are blogging again. I can't get enough of it...or you!

  2. this is true... i have not spilled the deets. I will tonight. i have to go to staples right now or i just might die.