Day 2 of 28: Weathering the Storm

i had plans today.  which included the gym and working to make some money.  mother nature said otherwise.  so instead, i decided to clean my room, read an entire novel, and take a much needed nap.  now i have a huge pile of trash in my room.  another huge pile of goodwill donations, a new-found love for the novel I Am Number Four and a crap load of homework to work on.

today i combated the delicious food smells coming from upstairs.  it was hard.  but i fought back by more aggressively cleaning my room.  or just gave up and, as it happened, took a nap.  but, i made it through the day. 

i did realize that rice milk is not a good substitute for almond milk.  i will fix that first thing tomorrow morning.


also, i packed up some of my books today.  and by some i mean over half of the books that i own.  i now have four bankers boxes full of books in the closet and a full bookshelf and a half of books left on my big white bookshelf.  do i own too many books?  perhaps.  will i ever give them up?  .... no.

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