Day 3 of 28: Part 2 - Panic Attack!

so breakfast went well.  i went to the gym for an hour afterwords and picked up more of my much needed vanilla almond milk (which, by the way, is cheaper if you get it from the refrigerator section) and went home to make lunch.  ice cubes, vanilla almond milk, and scoop of powder.  mix it together.  drink it.  SPIT IT OUT IMMEDIATELY.

there is SOMETHING WRONG with it.  its not the milk.  i tried it.  so i smell the powder.  there is a hint of something funny smelling to it.  stir it up.  smells REALLY funny.  smells like it tasted. 


how am i supposed to do the detox if my powder has gone bad?  (granted i have had it opened for over a year... it had to go bad sometime.. but still!)  i ordered another canister this morning, but that wont be here for at least a few days... how am i supposed to do this!?!?

mild panic attack over.  i have an idea. 

maybe, just maybe the greens powder is still good.  maybe with the vanilla almond milk it can taste okay. 

so i try it.  and holy jumping muddy frogs it works.  im saved.  i can do this.  second trial of the day: completed.  sheesh that was a close one.

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