Day 3 of 28: Part 3

alright.  last post of the day.  nothing has gone wrong since lunch, thank goodness.  i called the company and they told me to send it back to them and that it shouldnt have gone bad that quickly so it may have been a manufacturing thing.  but thankfully the greens one is still okay (knock on wood).

i keep looking at really cute dresses that i want after i lose all this weight.  this fall i will be out there getting my picture taken, looking all cute and great because i will be down to a healthy size for the first time since i was a freshman in high school.  i actually SEE this happening, which i think is key to this whole plan.  if you cant see it you wont achieve it.  ive never been so determined in my life to change the way that i look in a good way.

i took measurements today so that i could know how much body fat i am losing.  as i workout and gain muscle (really, do i need to gain more muscle than i already have?) i might not see the weight drop, so i can tell by the measurements how im doing.  ill keep you guys updated on my annual monthly check-in, where i will hold myself accountable with how i am doing with my goals and record my measurements and newest weight.

here is my starting information:
I am 5 foot 3
and started out weighing 196 pounds
which puts me into the obese category with a 34.4 BMI rating (body mass index.  basically 34.4 percent of my body is made of fat... normal is anywhere from 18.5 to 25 percent)
the widest part of my waist measures: 46 inches
my arms are 15 inches
my thighs are 26 inches

the goal this month: just make it through the cleanse and see what my measurements are at the end of the month.

also, to make it to the gym 4-5 times a week.


i need to start being accountable for my gym going.  so today i went to the gym for one hour.  i did the treadmill at 2.8 mph at a 9 percent incline and burned 520 calories.

guess that is all for tonight.

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