Day 7 of 28: Lots of Updates

im almost done with the first week of the cleanse and i have a few realizations.
number one: im losing weight too fast for it to be good
number two: im grinding my teeth away because i have nothing to chew on
and number three: i dont have enough money to support this thing full on for the rest of the month because im needing more and more powder in my drinks.  so i think that i may modify this from here on out.

i will have a shake in the morning for breakfast
i will have a shake at night for dinner
but i will have a small organic, vegan, balanced meal for lunch if i feel that i need the extra energy and something to chew on.  im thinking this will mostly be like a half cup of steamed kale or baked carrots.  something of that nature. 

hopefully this will help with slowing down the weight loss (i dont want a ton of baggy skin from losing too much weight at once), and will help with my teeth grinding and my budget.

i have really thought about this and think that it will also help me to get into the habit of eating small healthy meals instead of large and relatively unhealthy ones.  i also think that by doing this i wont be as tempted to cheat because im not limiting myself to just having the shakes.  im still in control of my body, i just am now more in control of the things that i didnt count on being here with the cleanse, mainly the teeth grinding and the lack of funds to support such an expensive diet (it would cost me close to three hundred dollars this month alone in living fuel).

so to update some more of what has been happening over the past couple days:
so far i have lost ten pounds.  which, like i said earlier, is a lot.  i know that some of that is water weight and such but, again, this needs to slow down.  my goal is to lose only another ten pounds this month.

i am giving a workshop at church on tuesday night for the young women and the relief society.  i need to work on getting some recipes ready for the workshop.  i think that i will bring garlic sauteed kale, black bean soup, sassy water, and lemon avocado broccoli.  ill post the recipes here once the workshop is out of the way.


friday night i came close to cheating.  REALLY close.  the client i support on fridays always has wendys for dinner.  i pick her up some chicken nuggets and fries and then bring them home to put them into the blender so she can eat it.  i put in the chicken nuggets... they werent that big of a deal.  but OH those fries!  the salty oily goodness in a stick!  my mouth instantly desired them - the feel of the grainy salt and the crunchiness of the fried potato.  i dumped them into the blender and before i could cheat i put on the cover and chopped those devilish tempters to shreds.  but before doing that i did the only thing that i would allow myself to do: i licked my fingers.  all the goodness of the fries lingered on my fingers and all the tastes that i so desired flooded my mouth as licked every last grain of salt off of them.  it was all joy.



  1. Miss Jess, I agree with the alteration. Your food budget would be more than Jeff's, mine and Fiona's combined. Good choice. Oh craziness. Keep up the good work! You are amazing. Oh, and dark chocolate covered blueberries have been my treat lately instead of fried things. Very healthy treat if you absolutely need something.

  2. ill keep it in mind kate! i havent really been that hungry lately, which is weird. like yesterday i had two shakes and that was it. and i woke up earlier this morning and havent felt hungry since i woke up. i think that today im going to look up detoxing and the symptoms that happen with it so that i understand it more.