Day 10 of 28

ahhh the sweet smell of success.  i cant tell you guys how thrilled i am at what this body cleanse is doing for me.  i havent felt this great in so long.  since i have modified the cleanse ive only had two food items: a little bit of sauteed kale, and some black bean soup.  the weird thing is that right now i havent been hungry much.  ive been having my shakes, but not consistently because i havent really been hungry enough to eat them.  i am incredibly thirsty all the time though... and this makes me run to the bathroom more often.  dont like that.  at all.  but i am proud to say that since i left utah in january i have lost a total of 16 pounds, which is SO noticeable on my figure.  and i LOVE it.

the only thing i am NOT liking about this weight loss is that the stretch marks i have on my tummy are looking rather gross right now.  they look kind of baggy.  its embarrassing, but hey, at least they arent getting bigger.  i will take that any day.

two and a half more weeks to go.  i think i can do it!


in other news: 

i applied for graduation a couple days ago, which i am SO stoked about.  MAY 14TH, HERE I COME!

i gave my first health workshop for my business ( BerryTree Health Counseling ) and it was a hit!  i think almost every person that came signed up for my newsletter (the first one hits the web on march 1st!) and i had a couple people sign up for health histories.  im so excited!

valentines day is coming up.  i am scared that i wont help myself when it comes to chocolate.  maybe ill just shun the world on monday and watch jeff bridges movies (YES). 

and one more thing: i can finally wear leggings again and look good in them.  FINALLY


  1. Jessica, you inspire me. My figure is getting smaller, but I'm not losing weight. I'm still trying to figure that one out, oh well. i love breastfeeding, but I guess I'm one of those people that probably won't lose too much weight while I am breastfeeding. Sad day!

    Don't worry to much about your stretch marks, we can try to make them go away together. I heard bio oil works really well to help them fade,I'll have to look into that. Love you and miss you, keep up the amazing work.

  2. Wow, look out for grammatical errors on my past post. I should have read it before posting it.