late night reflections

sometimes i get really insecure for a few days.  mostly because i am feeling inadequate about something.  which is what has been going on with me lately.  but i realized today after talking with theresa and frank and meag that that is just being crazy.  and i dont need to let myself get that way.  so i made a decision to just let myself be okay, no matter what happens to me.  after that i felt like a weight was lifted.  i didnt have this pressure to impress people anymore... or this desire to be someone that i am not.  i am a beautiful, gifted, loving woman who has so many things going for her that i dont need to let others tear me down.  and im not going to let what others think of me affect how i view myself.  and im going to stop being crazy insecure.  it drives me and other people nuts.

what i need right now is a day on the beach in the sun with nothing to do and nowhere to be.  the sea calms me more than anything else does.  who knows...its four in the morning already... maybe ill go watch the sunrise.

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