Im still alive. Even if just barely.

and now im in idaho for a few months, trying to get my life straightened out.  a lot has happened in the past few months, and i am certainly not in the best place mentally, emotionally, or spiritually... but i am on the long journey back to stability. 

because of everything that ive gone through the past couple months i have changed my frame of mind and my plans for the next few years.  i want to travel and to have fun and to not care about my future for once.  ive been so stuck on my five year and ten year plans that i forgot to just have fun and to experience life.  so even though im doing it a little backwards... i want to go live a little before i settle down.  i dont really have any plans, i dont really have any goals (other than to get my student loans paid off asap), and i dont want to be tied down anywhere.  i want to go wherever the wind takes me, and enjoy the ride.

i do, however, have a few things that i want to do and a few places that i want to visit on this journey.  i want to surf, snowboard, play guitar, see africa, europe, and the south pacific.  i want to live in another country for a at least six months.  and i want to be in the best shape of my life.  and ill document it all with the film camera i will get myself for my birthday.  the next five years is going to be all about me.  and im excited about that.

here's to new beginnings.  to finding yourself.  and to losing yourself in the journey.

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