The Journey

For years I have been on a journey to get my body back into shape.  I used to play sports growing up and loved being active, but I have let my body go as I concentrated on work and school for the past six years.  Now that school is over and I am not overworking myself I finally have the time to focus solely on my body and getting back to a healthy place.  I have fitness goals and the drive to finally achieve them.  Next summer I want to walk out onto the beach feeling confident and happy and absolutely stunning.  So come with me on this journey and help support me as I transform not only my body, but my mind and spirit as well.  This journey is one that is imperative to saving my life.

Battling obesity and coming out on top will be my greatest achievement.  As I post inspirations and track my daily workouts and food logs, feel free to comment, give support, or give advice... I welcome it all!  Love you all, peace and blessings.

My inspiration: beach body, and the fitness levels needed to surf my heart out.


  1. It takes hard work and goes slow but I'm down 35lbs since I started doing the same thing and know you will reach your goals if you really want too!

  2. thanks nate! miss seeing your face around... hope life is going well for you :)