Ring in the 2011

Welcome 2011!  Year of Awesomeness for Miss Jess.  You have been much looked forward to for a very long while.  Bring on the festivities!

Goals for this year:
-lose all the weight I have been gaining for the past ten years
-GRADUATE [finally]
-get my own apartment (and possibly move to an entirely new place!?!?)
-have FUN every single flipping day.

I cant wait!

So I have decided that my expectations for my own life are unbelievably high.  But someone once told me that the reason you have big dreams is because there is a way for you to achieve them and you wouldnt have those dreams if you didnt have the ability to make them come true.  So this year I am going to start working toward one of my dreams, which begins with really buckling down and learning to play the guitar.  I want to dig my feet into being a singer/songwriter.  I want to go as far as I can with my talents.  And this year I am going to start it.

Also.  I may be a total snob by saying this, but I really like me. 

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