Day 17 of 28

today i refocus my vision.  ive kind of been lacking in it the past week.  but i know what i want to do before may and i am going to do it.  i want to lose another 15 to 20 pounds by the time my family gets here for my graduation and i know that that is possible.  its just going to take a lot of focus and hard work.  but i will do it.

also.  the cravings i have been having the past two days:
elbow macaroni with butter and salt
ricotta and mozzarella pizza from whole foods
banana split
fried oreos

i cant wait for summer.  fried oreos... yum! 

also.  i need to start thinking about my summer jobs.  i want to work just enough that i wont go crazy and can enjoy whatever beach time i can... but i need to be able to make enough to get a place of my own.  and id like to stay in the saco area... the best thing would be to find a month to month so i can easily get out of it come december when i move to seattle.

oh goodness seattle.  seattle.  SEATTLE.

live is fantastic.

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