so after three weeks of the cleanse i had to call it quits.  which sucks.  i AM however going to do another two weeks the beginning of april.  i havent been eating as well as i should so i really need to cleanse again in a few weeks.

i hate the way that i feel after eating now though.  i always feel gross.  i think that i need to have a mostly vegetarian/vegan diet because everything else makes me nauseous. 

in OTHER news.

school is over in two months and then comes the FREEDOM of summer.  i will be getting an apartment, spending tons of time at the beach, and finally having a social life.  i cant tell you how excited i am for this summer.  my time has come and i shall make it the best time of my life.

the one thing that i am most grateful for right now is my family, and particularly my mother.  she is such an amazing person.  so loving.  so giving.  so sweet.  so amazing in every way.  she is the best person i know.  shes gone through more in her lifetime than i ever could handle in all my years on this earth.  i look up to her for strength, for guidance, for comfort, and for a warm hug when it is needed.  this sunday is the annual Mary's Walk in Saco.  it is a walk for cancer that has been taking place every year for over a decade.  my mother is a cancer survivor, and this year i walk for her and the other cancer survivors in my life.  i love them all, and i know that they have strength that i never will.  congrats everyone, and happy birthday!

the one person i cant include in that is jeffrey.  jeffrey passed away in july from a long battle with brain cancer.  i am training this summer for a 10K race so that i can start running in the cancer walks/runs.  jeffrey is my inspiration for this.  he was the most kind and generous person i ever knew, and he was the best friend i had back in school when i was in utah.  i went out to california this past summer for his funeral, which i never would have passed up.  I hadnt seen him in a few years, but his mother greeted me like she had just seen me yesterday.  i think that i will make a shirt for mary's walk with jeffrey's picture on it.  he deserves to be remembered.

love you, jeff.  xoxo



that is all.

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