glorious days of spring!

today i went to campus in a dress and flip flops.  it was 42 degrees.  while walking down the stairs in the parking garage a women starts laughing at me and remarks how she is wearing a winter coat with a hat and gloves and im standing there in a dress, a cardigan, and flip flops.  I DO WHAT I WANT. and that includes egging spring on by wearing summer clothes. 

life is grand. so this update will be grand in scope.  get ready! GO!

first thing is first.  my boyfriend is awesome.  why, you may ask?  because he is.  there are so many reasons.  i will list them for you. 
1.  he is tall.  tall and skinny.  tall and skinny and endlessly hungry.  i wish i had his metabolism.  i wouldnt be huge if i did.
2.  he skates and surfs.  neither of which i can do, but both are things that i WISH i could do.
3.  he is musical.  he plays the bagpipes (amazingly well) and dabbles with the guitar and sings.  you have no idea how hard it is to find someone like that.  you also dont understand how i feel when he plays those pipes.  it captivates me.  entirely.
4.  he is domestic (he will hate me if he sees this).  i left his apartment today while he was elbow deep in dishes.  he even cooked me french toast the other day.  such a sweet guy.
5.  he is incredibly smart.  i think hes smarter than i think he is.  he comes from good stock.
6.  he is very easy to talk to.  he is the only guy that i have ever been able to talk to for hours on end without someone saying "you said that already".
7.  he is a cuddle monster like myself.  the only problem with this is that sometimes he is cuddling with the dog, and not me.
8.  he likes to take walks on the beach with me.  yay for romantical things!
9.  he is concerned about me.  yay for caring!
and the last one that i will put (i could go on and on) is
10.  he is a homebody like me.  we can be perfectly happy eating food and watching movies or the tv or playing video games.  i love that.  yay for being compatible!

on to other things:
i am hopefully (fingers crossed) getting an apartment here in the next few weeks.  my friend sarah and i are checking out a place tomorrow, and with any luck we will like it and be able to move in soon.  my only requirement is that it is not sketchy and that i can have a kitten if i do move there.  i already know about the kitten thing, its just the sketchy thing we have to address now.

school is winding to a close soon.  GRADUATION!  commencement is on MAY 14th for those of you who are coming out.  i am picking up some announcements on thursday and sending them out next week. 
along with graduation comes a lot of exciting things.  one of which is thinking matters, where i will be presenting on a panel of witchcraft students my research that i am doing and the paper that i have written.  this is both exciting and INCREDIBLY intimidating.  but it will look good for grad school applications in a few years.

i am doing another cleanse in a couple weeks.  whenever i move into the new apartment.  i need to start new.  and my eating habits are horrible right now.  i feel disgusting every time i eat.  blech.  so two weeks of cleanse, and then diving back into a vegetarian diet and putting a lot of raw food into it. 

alright, so the last thing for today:  things that i want to accomplish this summer

1.  get myself all the way down to my goal weight of 125.
2.  save up 2 grand
3.  go camping.  many times.
4.  finish all the books that ive bought and started and put down without finishing
5.  learn to either a) skate... preferably longboard  or b) surf
6.  make dresses and sew a lot more
7.  watch fireworks and listen to katy perry's firework while doing so.
8.  go blueberry picking.  WILD blueberry picking.
9.  successfully grow a bell pepper plant.  this is the only plant i have a hard time with.
10.  take walks in the heath, at clifford park, and the various trails around biddeford/saco
11.  kayak.  as much as i can.
12.  do a couple hikes
13.  paint more
14.  get the Lomo LC A+  camera that i have been wanting to get for so many years.
15.  be crafty with meag
16.  go to a couple concerts
17.  grow my hair out
18.  start my own recipe book
19.  take lots of walks on the beach
20.  visit ikea.  YES.

i will add to this list as ideas come to me.  of course.  and then i will accomplish maybe three of these things this summer.  at least that has been my track record.  then again.. i was working 120 hours a week for the past two summers.  that may have put a road block on the whole thing.  yay for not having to work all day and night this summer!

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