Sometimes you run over things. sometimes its a squirrel, other times your boyfriend.

so ive had an interesting week.  the other night i came down to aaron's to play games and hang out after work and ended up being the butt of every joke that night for a few reasons:

number one: i crashed ben's mo ped.  now, the boys have done this a few times... but they were drunk.  i, however, was not.  which makes it that much worse.  clutz moment number one.

number two: i i tried to learn how to skateboard.  in pajama pants and aaron's sneakers.  lets just say that my uncoordination does not help me to succeed in certain areas of life.  and hitting the pavement multiple times leaves its mark not only on your body, but your ego.

number three: i ran over my boyfriend.  with my car.  granted, that wasnt entirely my fault as we had both made the stupid decision to do what we were doing at the time, but still... i was pretty mortified when aaron got up and his arms were bleeding profusely.  he has tread marks on his arm from my tire.  im pretty much the worst girlfriend that ever was because of this.  i now owe him fifty gajillion brownie points. 

so as you can see, my pride was pretty much ripped to shreds in a matter of hours.  im slowly gaining it back, but i will tell you that i wont be getting on a mo ped or a skateboard anytime soon.  nor will i let aaron near a moving vehicle without obscene amounts of bubble wrap tied around him for protection. 


in other news... it is spring vacation!  which means that i will be spending tons of time in the library doing homework and writing papers.  and i will be packing my room and doing goodwill runs so that i can try to get an apartment sooner rather than later. 

AND emily's cat had her kittens.  two blacks and two tigers.  i cant wait to pick one out!  yayayay!

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